Paper has long held a fascination for me. My paper sculptures are mainly based on ancient historical sites, calligraphy and lettering, also encompassing the materialisation of symbols. I have studied scripts from ancient to modern, rock art and cyphers and the mystical associations of lettering such as Runes.

Although I consider the paper sculpture as an art form in itself I also like to explore the 3D structures in 2D. I do this through the medium of enhanced photography to produce limited edition digital prints. They become wonderful colourful ‘landscapes’ showing depth and contrast that entices the observer to voyeuristically gaze inwards into a secretive world.

My main paper focus is now creating cutting file templates for electronic paper cutters. Examples of my templates can be found on www.gailbarlow.co.uk

My other focus is photography. Purchase of new cameras and lenses has opened up my photographic range from Macro to Wide Angle. In the gallery can be seen coastal images, London photographs right through to 5:1 macro shots.

Gail Barlow B.A.(1st) Fine Art & Photography,  ABPPA